Where we operate

Europa Investimenti is an independent and qualified institutional platform which belongs to Arrow Group. As exclusive advisor of Arrow Credit Opportunities fund I and II in Italy, Europa Investimenti manages a range of different assets (Loans, Real Estate, Claims, Going concerns, etc…) in the distressed space.


Companies under liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings. EI sources its investments opportunities from more than 73,000 bankrupt companies currently managed by Italian Courts.


Financially distressed companies that are still operating and that don’t require an operational turn-around.

Acquisition of Single name or clusters of secured or unsecured NPLs and UTPs, typically owned by banks towards companies in insolvency proceedings or in a state of pre-insolvency. The acquisition is finalized to securitize NPLs e Utps ia securitization vehicles SPV (in accordance with Italian 130/99 Law), with the involvement of third party investors.

Financial restructuring of the past indebtedness of the company in bankruptcy proceedings or in a state of pre-insolvency, through recourse to the tools for the settlement of business crisis according to the Business Crisis Code (Codice della Crisi d’Impresa).

Real Estate Italian Strategy is mainly focused on sourcing value add & opportunistic transactions, according to these features:
Agnostic on asset classes: we invest anticipating the market dynamics
Accessing deals through alternative channels
Managing risks other players don’t take   

Arrow Global

Europa Investimenti belongs to the Arrow Global Group since 2018. is a leading vertically integrated alternative asset manager specialising in European credit and real estate with c. 80 billion Assets under Management in five countries.


In 2019, Arrow Global launched the Arrow Credit Opportunities (ACO I) fund for about €1.7 billion and in 2023 the ACO II fund that raised €2.75 billion aimed at investments in nonperforming loans, noncore banking assets, particular categories of real estate assets, and other assets that can be purchased by special situations.


Executed Transactions

Bankruptcy composition agreements, pre-bankruptcy composition agreements,  acquisitions of single-name assets and equity interests, co-investment programs through securitization


Mio euro

Creditor repayments (backed by bank guarantees)


Bn euro

Nominal value of assets acquired by securitization SPVs


Bn euro

Nominal value of assets acquired through bankruptcy proceedings


Bn euro

Nominal value of restructured liabilities