Where we operate

Europa Investimenti is an independent and qualified institutional investor who invests in a range of different assets in the distressed space.


Companies under liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings. EI sources its investments opportunities from more than 120,000 bankrupt companies currently managed by Italian Courts.


Financially distressed companies that are still operating and that don’t require an operational turn-around.

Financial restructuring of the debt of companies under insolvency proceedings or in a state of pre-insolvency, through the proposal of bankruptcy agreements or compositions with creditors, as third party contractor, aimed at generating a return on invested equity deriving from the difference between the sale (or “pre-sale”) value of the assets and payments offered to creditors

Acquisition of Single name secured or unsecured NPLs, typically owned by banks towards companies in insolvency proceedings or in a state of pre-insolvency. The acquisition is finalized to securitize NPLs via securitization vehicles SPV (in accordance with Italian 130/99 Law), with the involvement of third party investors.

Europa Investimenti also holds, as majority shareholder, Sagitta SGR which, as part of its authorizations, promotes and manages real estate and credit investment funds. The reserved investment funds are also set up through the contribution of assets within wider restructuring operations.

Arrow Global

Europa Investimenti belongs to the Arrow Global Group since 2018. Arrow Global Group is a pan-European investor and asset manager specializing in the purchase and management of non-performing and non-core loans, with over £ 50 billion Assets under Management and 1,700 employees in five geographic areas.


Executed Transactions

Bankruptcy composition agreements, pre-bankruptcy composition agreements,  acquisitions of single-name assets and equity interests, co-investment programs through securitization


Mln euro

Creditor repayments (backed by bank guarantees)


Mld euro

Nominal value of assets acquired by securitization SPVs


Mld euro

Nominal value of assets acquired through bankruptcy proceedings


Mld euro

Nominal value of restructured liabilities