Sagitta Sgr

Sagitta SGR benefits from the know-how, track-record, reputation, deal flow and management belonging to EI and Arrow Global, both specialized in the management of bad debt and crisis situations.

Thanks to its NPLs industry specific know-how, the SGR is able to set-up credit, real estate, private equity and ReoCo funds, focused on restructuring processes and adding value to credit recovery strategy. The SGR usually partners with loan managers, large servicers and banks interested on a tailored solutions to manage middle and large NPLs or UTPs portfolios.
Sagitta mission is to become a NPLs – UTPs industry specific player in the asset management arena, being able to deal with the banks’ and servicers needs of a better valuation – higher recovery from their assets and with the investors’ expectations of return. The SGR is able to originate, structure and manage investments in NPLs and UTPs portfolios with the aim of extracting and enhancing the value of assets currently locked in insolvency procedures.